It’s every device always on, always reporting data, and always communicating with each other – IoT is information freedom.

Also known as the Internet of Everything, IoT is the idea of using the internet as the backbone for always on communication and interactivity. This interactivity brings more information and control between devices and those using them. For example: think of today’s smart home – owners can monitor power usage, schedule temperature levels, or ration water consumption. Tomorrows smart  home will allows your refrigerator to sense when you need items (milk) & order them on your behalf, your pipes to detect when a clog is imminent and alert preventative maintenance needs are required, or use your smartphone to control your car, TV, washing machine, and more.


The Internet of Things is the sensing and controlling of… everything. It’s the allowance of user interaction based on data gathering and analysis. This data allows a user the freedom to create and innovate based on the data presented to them.


Wikipedia has crowd sourced an excellent definition on the internet of things.


This article will act as a primer for IoT. Over the next few weeks we’ll provide more information on how the internet of things impacts many industries, how-to articles to maximize IoT now and in the future, and ideas to prepare your organization for growth.


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The Internet of Things brings with it more privacy and security breaches than ever before.