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Here we go:

Just like when we talked about what is marketing and where did it come from, Advertising has a similar, impossibly, untraceable background…


In 2009’s Art and Copy…


Advertising is poison gas!

Advertising should cheer you up, should choke yah, you should get the chills, and maybe you should pass out when you watch it.

  • George Lois (Visionary, American art director, designer, and author. Most famous for his esquire magazine covers and Timmy Hilfiger ad work).


Advertising up until the late 1950’s when Bill Bernbach came along, was an old boys club… the proper school, the right connections… it was ingrown mediocrity.

  • Jim Durfee (co-founder, Carl Ally Inc.)


Hold on!

Lets get the academic definition out of the way before we go any further.


Advertising  is the much larger brother or sister to marketing. It’s what consumers usually see.

At the most basic level, think of Advertising as the little brother or sister to Marketing.

It is the promotional arm of Marketing’s 4 Ps.


But advertising is the much larger little brother as it’s the communication channel with the consumer of your product or service. It’s what people see and interact with, it’s what they’ll come to know about you and  your products.


If you can find that kernel, the core to what the product is, so that when you talk about it… people respond and say … yes! … I’m going to buy it.

It’s the challenge of saying the right thing, the right way, to get them to do what you want them to do.

  • Jim Durfee (co-founder, Carl Ally Inc.)


And there are two extremely high level tasks in communicating with your consumer:

  1. Create a strategy. Leverage what your know about your target consumer from the other marketing Ps
    1. (note, sometimes advertisers won’t have that information and will need to go get it, this is the account planning function of advertising we’ll talk about in later episodes.
    2. Understand what the business objectives are, all the requirements around your advertising. Know where your consumers are and how to reach and that will lead to the second basic principle…
  2. Execute your strategy. Once you know your consumers, know as much as you possibly can about then, time to figure out the best media to reach them.

In today’s world there are insane number of media outlets…

Knowing your audience, you select which media match your target consumers demographics, ethnographics, psychographics, etc.  and you put your plan for the media on paper and go forth and conquer



So what is advertising?

Advertising is the building of awareness and affinity for your product…

It’s the ADHD of marketing – It’s the creating of the “A-ha!” moment.

you only have a few seconds to make a connection with the consumer and once you do, you need to nurture it as long as your product and company exist!



What is the secret of great advertising?

Ask the top 100 greatest advertisers of all time what is the secret of great advertising and you’ll get 100 different answers.

Here is my answer (and my no means do I consider myself one of the top 100 advertisers… at least not yet).

The secret of great advertising is the ability to communicate an idea that evokes an emotional response that invokes action.

  • Me  =D


Emotional responses range from making folks felling angry, sad, happy, regret, love, and so on. Some of my favorited work invokes nostalgia (vw ad), sentimentality (1984), or a yearning for something (got milk).  All fantastic emotions.

Emotions are the building blocks to great relationships.

And that’s the secret of advertising… to me.


We’ll talk more about the many different aspects of creating great advertising in future episodes.



I think creativity is a huge part of advertising and as such we’ll turn to the short and sweet quote from Albert Einstein.


“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

– Albert Einstein




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