First, what is GoDaddy’s Flare?

Flare is an attempt by GoDaddy to socialize great ideas. Some have called flare the Tinder for idea generation. The gist is, one goes on Flare to:

A) peruse or interact w/ other people’s ideas for a product or service, or

B) submit your own idea, and others bang on it


These ideas could be anything!  A new product to filter water easier, a new website to bring homeless folks into the system… the sky is the limit – anyone can put any idea on Flare. The app store description of Flare:


Flare is a social network that connects entrepreneurs to fellow entrepreneurs, potential consumers, investors, and experts and creates a community around ideas.


The ideas are ingested, or filtered into two main views: the latest, and the most popular ideas.

If you want to check it out: Flare on Apple Store and Flare on Google Play.



The Pros of GoDaddy’s Flare.

  • It really, truly is fun taking a few minutes to flip through idea after idea to see if any entrepreneur has created something true inspiring. Even if one doesn’t find something that piques their interest, it doesn’t take much time investment to install and get right into the app.
  • Flare is not gated, meaning it doesn’t require registration to jump right into the app and start looking at ideas
  • Flare is fairly well organized. It’s easy to share an idea by using the social media or spread buttons. And a really cool feature of Flare is how easy it is for folks sharing ideas to poll the audience who are interest in the idea and ask for feedback.


GoDaddy's Flare main screen GoDaddy's FlareGoDaddy's Flare



Unfortunately, that’s about it for the Pros.



The Cons of GoDaddy’s Flare.

  • Cannot login with GoDaddy credentials. Starting with the knit picky stuff here. GoDaddy has a google (pun intended, and misused as the word is googol) of users, so easy just to let GoDaddy account be used to registering
  • For being described as a Tinder app for ideas, there’s no way to dislike an idea. You can skip an idea, but overlooking something is not the same as thinking an idea is not a good one. In the interface, I think entrepreneurs should see how many people have disliked their idea. Consumers, or the general public do not have to see the amount of dislike, but the entrepreneur could benefit from have that data. I’d want to know if 800 people think my idea sucks, and my mom is the only one who like it.
  • Notifications, Notifications, and more notifications. This was the straw that broke that camel’s back for me and caused the uninstall. I “liked” 2 to 3 ideas, and the flood gates were opened. After playing around with the app and getting the know the ins and outs I set down my phone for a while. Hours later I received a text message… and 35 notifications from Flare. Cleared them.  Went to bed, awoke the next morning to 76 more notifications from Flare – Good God Man!
  • Anyone can steal your idea(s)! Put your idea on Flare, and yes, there is no way from stopping anyone from stealing a really great idea. For me, if I thought I was one to something great, or magical, jumping on the internet and showing my idea would probably be the last thing I’d want to do. I’m sure Flare has some sort of terms that tries to prevent idea theft, but there is simply no way to track someone stealing someone else’s idea. In a world of endless litigation around intellectual property, why would you put your million-dollar idea on Facebook, or Reddit, or Twitter – that’s right, you wouldn’t.
  • No end game? Or is there? Who knows…


GoDaddy's FlareGoDaddy's Flaregodaddy's flaregodaddy's flare




The ideas were also not that great, probably because folks didn’t want to share their amazing ideas with complete strangers, but Flare is new so I kept that off the list.



Should you try GoDaddy’s Flare application?

Why the heck not try it? Who knows, your next amazing idea could be one you steal from some shmuck who doesn’t have the resources to execute it


Come on, you all were thinking it!