Did you know music has the ability to make us perform better?

We all understand that music is a part of each of our lives in different ways. It can represent an important memory or trigger an emotion deep down inside.
Music is so important that you should listen to it before leading an important meeting, going on a job interview, or entering into a significant event/moment in your life. For these moments you should present yourself with confidence, speak in a clear manner, and aim to impress. Listening to music right before such moments can provide you with the boost you need to succeed.

Research shows that the music we enjoy has the ability to positively affect our brain chemistry. Music is the most powerful sound in the world. Brands create jingles for consumers to relate to, and music is shown to be good for your health and productivity. I’ve talked about getting into the creative mindset, music has the ability to get you there quicker.
Listening to the music you like has been shown to release and increase endorphins naturally. “Endorphins are feel good chemicals our bodies release under extreme pain. They are considered the body’s own opiates.” SRC: The four primary neurotransmitters (Opiate Freedom Center). The four primary neurotransmitters are dopamine, serotonin, GABA, and acetylcholine.
Acetylcholine affects the way the process processes information. It is a neuromodulator which regulates activity of neurons in the brain. Music can aid in the release of acetylcholine, which “…modulates communications regarding arousal, reward, learning, attention, and responsiveness to sensory stimuli.” SRC: BrainJuice.
Dopamine affects pleasure, reward, motivation, and more. It plays an important role in mood, energy, attitude, and motivation. “When pleasurable music is heard, dopamine is released in the striatum — an ancient part of the brain found in other vertebrates as well — which is known to respond to naturally rewarding stimuli like food and sex and which is artificially targeted by drugs like cocaine and amphetamine.” SRC: NY Times
Serotonin is thought to be a primary contributor to feelings of well-being and happiness. It’s interesting to know that most serotonin is found in our bodies being released in our intestinal tracts. “Music can effect a steep rise in the levels of serotonin and the accompanying mood improvement… In fact, music therapy has been found to be very effective in treating panic disorder, seizures, depression, ADD/ADHD and insomnia.” SRC: SEE ‘STUDY’ below.
GABA is an inhibitory transmitter in the mature brain, its actions are primarily excitatory in the developing brain. This is a fancy way of saying GABA affects the action or state of exciting or being excited. “Music stimulates and helps produce GABA inhibitors, allowing a natural inhibition of dopamine and also allowing dopamine to be taken back up by the sending nerve cell, creating a chemical balance.” SRC: University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire.

The Gist?
Use music to uplift yourself right before the big moment. Think about how athletes listen to music right before the big game. Major events in your life are your big game. Get that boost you need to succeed. Your brain will thank you.

My playlist for success.
I’m a sucker for music that makes me want to move, has intense meaning, and really sets the tone for a situation. I love all music, however my playlist for getting pumped up heavily favors rap/hip-hop with some rock.
Note: explicit language and/or video

Now you have scientific proof that music aids in your performance… share that with your boss when your headphones are on while you work.
– Enjoy