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Today on the show we’re talking about tesla’s new semi truck, net neutrality, and Al Franken. We’ll also discuss if it’s possible for the Trump brother’s to be any bigger jerks than they already are, and the pot calls the kettle black in today’s Trump Dump.

All that and more on today’s trump dump:



Painstakingly watching the session Q&A from last episode…

  • I have always been of the opinion that President Obama would be known in the history books for two things: #1 the affordable care act, and #2 Net Neutrality. And Trump hates both! Rumor has it new vote is about to take place to reverse Net Neutrality and replace it with more conservative values. This vote would take place this December.
    • What is Net Neutrality?
    • In the most simplest terms – the internet was created as a free and open platform to share information. What Net Neutrality does is prevents companies from favoring one type of information over another. Without net neutrality, your internet service provider can decide to throttle back videos on CNN because it hates CNN, while giving you lightning fast access to MSNBC content… AHEM cough cough COMCAST… cough cough..
    • Thankfully, google, netflix, and other tech giants are on the side of net neutrality, however they’re not really known for their lobbying power. And this is the FCC, not congress. The head of the FCC is appointed by the President and has disparate regulation power from our elected officials.
    • Bottom line: Want a free and open internet? Elect a President who believes in a free and open internet as well. OR get congress to legislate this vs regulation from the FCC.
  • The Trump Brothers went on a hunting excursion in Africa, killed some endangered animals, and wanted to bring some elephant trophies home. They called daddy, all three got excited and then an aid told Trump his sons couldn’t bring their trophy kills home and “Donny John” went to work removing the ban that doesn’t allow the remains of elephants to be imported. Donny J called Jim Kurth, the acting head of the US Fish and Wildlife Service, told his buddy Ryan Zinke (interior secretary of who gives a crap about wildlife council) and they de-regulated that thing!
  • Tesla held a press release late last night for a new, 18 wheeler truck.




  • In the ultimate “POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK” Move. President trump said this on his well regulated twitter account:
    • Referencing this picture we should earlier…
    • He continued stating:<img
    • <img
    • Now I want to provide a disclaimer that by no means do I condone what Al Franken did. It’s disgusts me, he disgusts me.
    • And I feel Donald Trump shouldn’t be the one to jump on anyone’s back when it comes to the proper, equal treatment of women.
    • From incest with his own daughter,
    • <vid>
    • To inferring the president of France has a wife with a smokin hot body
    • <vid>
    • And saying he’s so famous he can treat women however he wants
    • <vid>
    • Our president is the blackest pot and should never go after any kettles.
    • The even has a tracker that chronicles all of Donny John’s horrible actions toward women.
    • Just scroll through President’s Trump twitter feed and you’re bound to view a sexist comment every minute or so.
    • But what do we expect from the guy who said Hilary Clinton was at fault for Bill and Lewinski affair?
  • And that has been today’s Trump Dump… pew pew.


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