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Today is December 18th

Welcome to the Bruce show, I hope you all had a great weekend, here’s what happened during those few days off that I think you should know about…


Google’s AI found an overlooked exoplanet, and now our Solar System is tied for biggest –

  • NASA has teamed up with Google to utilize the power of machine learning to search for new planets
  • And the partnership is producing some amazing results.
  • When scientists search for stars so insanely far away, they look or breaks in light patterns…
  • <vid> For example, when a planet comes between it’s sun and earth, the light it emissions from the sun dip down momentarily, then come back up.
  • It’s an indication to look more closely in that direction.
  • And Google’s AI has discovered another planet in a nearby solar system as a result of searching through data trying to discover these patterns.
  • The planet discovered has been confirmed as the eighth in Kepler 90 – which now has the same number of planets as our solar system.
  • The machine learning inclusion into the planetary discovery process will make finding new planets, much quicker and the astronomers themselves, much more of an excitable bunch…


Your cell phone is killing your sperm –

  • The California department of public health just released what it calls is a guidance document on RF energy.
  • Your cell phone uses RF energy anytime data is sent back and forth.
  • So what is RF energy?
  • RF stands for radiofrequency and is a form of electromagnetic radiation.
  • You cell phone uses it, your TV and radio use it, your microwave uses it, x-ray machine use it, anything sending communications wirelessly use a form of this energy.
  • The guidance document admits the science is still evolving, but states studies and expirements already suggest RF energy may be linked to certain types of cancer and other health problems like:
    • Brain cancer
    • Tumors in the area ear area we use for hearing and balance
    • Headaches, and memory loss
    • AND even the immobilization of sperm!
  • The document does reiterate that none of this is 100% proven… yet it still reserves two entire pages of use cases for keeping you and your phone away from each other.


And last, don’t know if you should care about the new tax cuts?

  • NPR has the Easiest explanation of the tax cuts, check out the sources below, here are a few highlights to take note of
  • First, it is true that most americans will receive a tax reduction, except if you’re single and making between 157k and 500k, you’ll see a tax increase. Everyone else sees a single digit decreases in tax percentages
  • Next, Standard deductions. Under the new tax bill, most will save money here as well. For example, single person would roughly save $1400, single parent would save $300, however if you’re married joint with two kids – you’re going to lose roughly $1600 in deductions (if you have more kids, it should even out with kid #3, and more money back with 4 and beyond
  • A couple more notes: Nothing is changing with your 401k, itemized deductions are capped at $10k now on state and local taxes, and if you inherit a large, multi-million dollar estate, you get to keep double the amount as a tax exemption – taxes only start on 11.2million and higher.
  • Deductions for homeowner’s interest paid decreases (from 1 million to 750k)
  • IF you have large medical bills, pay them off in 2018 and 2019, you’ll be able to deduct more in these years if they’re more than 7.5 and 8% of your income
  • And finally the ACA individual insurance mandate goes away.
  • This was just some of the more contested changes in the tax bill, checkout NPR’s article for more.





<<dump trump intro>>

No trump dump today, our president didn’t do much over the weekend.


It’s time for the “did you know” portion of the show…

Of course you know that Star Wars the last Jedi dropped Friday, but did you know that this weekend it raked up 220 million at the domestic box office and 250 million worldwide (and that doesn’t include china’s release that will be in January)

And of course you know that The last jedi was written and directed by Rian Johnson known for his amazing work on Looper – a fantastic sci-fi film featuring Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levvit, but did you know that Rian Johnson also directed a few episodes of Breaking bad and has been picked by Disney to lead the way on an entirely new Star Wars movie franchise. The Star Wars movies will not be episodes 10, 11, and 12, but a disparate trilogy with completely new characters.

And who doesn’t know that Disney bought lucas films and the rights to star wars in 2012 for $4billion dollars in cash and stock, but did you know Disney also just announced a deal to buy most of 21st century Fox for $52.4 billion dollars. A move that opens up Disney film makers to explore such intellectual property as Alien, X-Men, and Planet of the Apes.

The future looks strong for Disney, yet I’m still praying for a third Tron movie!



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