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  1. My 2018 new year’s resolution
  2. A lightning round listing the winners from the golden globes
  3. And the secret, dirty activities going on when no one is taking a 360 degree view of the Trump administrations activities…


Happy New Year, the show starts now…



Today is Monday, January 8th


It’s 2018, I’m back from a long break, I can’t believe what has been going on during this few week hiatus.

All the activity has led me to a new epiphany that I’d like to share

But first, before I do, let’s talk about a few important issues


  • First, President Trump and Interior secretary Zinke snuck one by us this holiday season.
    • As we’re looking left and discussing Russia, the cold winter back east, and our President and Steve Bannon’s broken bromance…
    • As we looked left, On the right… Zinke and the Department of interior were scheming to roll back a plan that protects artic waters from fossil fuel development.
    • You see, ever 5 years the department of interior releases a plan or a map of where companies can lease areas claimed by the united states for private development.
    • The Obama administration finished their plan, or map of the areas up for lease that took affect starting January 2017.
    • This new plan continued protections of the past by not allowing leases on protected areas of the artic.
    • While our attention was on the plethora of surreal activities from the Trump administration in 2017, Zinke was planning to re-write the plan and map out new boundaries for lease that include previously protected regions in the artic.
    • A new draft proposal came out just a few days ago that removes the crucial Arctic protections and authorizes new leasing in this incredible landscape.
    • This is wrong.
    • This is an area where drifting ice and below freezing temperatures make drilling insanely risky.
    • Oil spill clean-up is a warm climate activity and no one knows how to clean up oil spills in these type of conditions
    • And in a world where the importance of coal and oil is dimishing at lightning speeds… this is an absurd policy change.
    • YET par for the coarse for this esoteric, arcane, and quote frankly ancient thinking from this current presidential administration.
    • Want to know how to do more? Visit the link in the sources below
    • SRC:
  • The Golden Globes were last night… the first major awards show of 2018 and Seth Meyers crushed it… hitting on racism, sexual harassment, and our wonderful President…
    • <video clip>
    • IF you didn’t see the show – Here are the winners:
    • Best actress in a supporting role: laura dern from big little lies
    • Best actor in a supporting role: alexander skarsgard from big little lies
    • Best actress in a movie or mini-series made for tv: nicole kidman from big little lies
    • Best actor in a mini-series or movie made for tv: ewan mcgregor from fargo
    • Best mini-series or movie made for tv: big little lies
    • Best actress in a tv comedy or musical series: Rachel brosnahan from the marvelous mrs. Maisel – a favorite of my lovely wife
    • Best actor in a tv tv comedy or musical series: Aziz Ansari from Master of none on Netflix – a favorite of mine.
    • Best tv series comedy or musical – marvelous mrs. Maisel
    • Best actress in drama tv series: Elisabeth moss from the handmaid’s tale
    • Bess actor in drama tv series: : sterling k brown from this is us
    • Best Drama TV Series: The Hadmaid’s Tale
    • Best animated film – coco
    • Best foreign language film – in the fade
    • Best motion picture screenplay – three billboards outside ebbing Missouri
    • Best original song for a film – this is me from the greatest showman
    • Best original score for a film – the shape of water
    • Best supporting actress in a film: Allison janney from I, tonya
    • Best supporting actor in a film; sam Rockwell from three billboards outside bbing misouri
    • Best actress in a musical or comedy film: Saoirse ronan from lady bird
    • Best actor in a musical or comedy film: james franco for disaster artist
    • Best Actress in a drama film: Frances Mcdormand 3 billboards outside ebbing misouri
    • Best actor in a drama film: gary Oldman in the darkest hour
    • Best director: Guillermo del toro for the shape of water
    • Best musical or comedy film: lady bird
    • Best drama film: the billboards outside ebing missourri
  • The NFL playoffs kicked off this weekend…
    • I know what you’re thinking, who gives a crap.
    • Well I do, I still enjoy the league and playing fantasy football
    • Ruxin clip
    • But regardless of if you like the American football or not, something happened Saturday in the NFL that has neve happened before.
    • Titan’s QB Marcus marriotta caught a pass to himself to score a touchdown…
    • Clip
    • That touchdown propelled a come from behind victory for the titans.
    • Next week round 2 of the playoffs continue and the Marriotta led Titans visit the Patriots as a huge underdog.


Now it’s time for the quick 3 – I give you 3 headlines and if you want to know more, click on the sources below to read the full article.





WE talked about the department of the interior sneaking some changing plans that will endanger  previously protected areas of arctic Alaska, but did you know Alaska is broken into 6 major areas:

  • Arctic Alaska – a cold and dark place where during the winter the sun sets on November 18th and doesn’t right again until January 24… it’s dark there right now!
  • Interior Alaska where Fairbanks is
  • Western Alaska – from the arctic circle to Bristol bay
  • Southwester Alaska includeing the Kodiak andaleutian island
  • Southcentral Alaska – where anchorage is
  • And south east Alaska – often called alaska’s panhandle
  • Did you also know that roughly a fourth of the year is below zero degrees in the arctic region?
  • And finally did you know the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is part of the area being leased for fossil fuel development by the Trump administration?

That wraps up another did you know…


And now let’s WAX POETIC…


This is a new segment where I go alittle too far with any specific topic, thoughts or feelings.

Today, politicians… more specifically Republicans.

It is important to note: I am a Republican, I believe in the free market, the second amendment, and that I should be able to drink 1000 sodas a day if that’s what my little heart desires.


But to know what the republican party is today is akin to knowing what was inside Charles Manson’s head or trying to understand why people created a bubble gum wall in Seattle.

And President Trump’s presence has revealed how spineless these Republican politicians are as they’ve been exposed from the shadows, and their true nature revealed.

Don’t believe me, let me wax poetic on two Republican icons.

Pillars of the Republican party Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell lay fallen on their backs from the battles of America’s TRUMPY political landscape starring up into the sky as Cessna 172s fly banners of dialogue controlling ever comment and removing any ounce of decency or resolve to do what is right.

Ryan hates trump, he loves trump, he roasts trump… Trump is the puppet master controlling all the wooden limbs and digits while the voice that was once paul ryan, strong and confident on the 2011 campaign trail slowly withered away swallowed by the flatulence that is trump politics.

McConnel supports trump, he fights trump, he needs trump… surrounded by the goon squad, too old to understand the way the game’s told. Disconnected from the word go, hampered by tunnel vision, and ruthless endeavors backtracks from a hard stance on sexual misconduct. A marble in a bag of many limply flung from the short, stubby hands of a madman sitting in the most powerful seat in the world.

The republican party is lost, and as the flake who is Jeff Flake once put it, there is no coming back from being the party of Donald Trump – who brags about grabbing women by their private parts at will and plays Russian roulette with the Russians and north korea – and Roy Moore – whose activities with underaged females is swept under the rug and diffused.

As Republicans we’re flying blind in uncharted territory; our cockpit void of directional control, our tail connected to our constituents who jump ship (rightfully so) at every large turbulent bump.

There are too many turbulent bumps. Sure 1 or 2 a year are survivable, but 1 or 2 a week are impressionable. We’re damaged by our own tunnel vision, believing the base will save us, but when the minority base is all that is left, Doug Jones pop up like weeds across the nation.

Tunnel vision has led us to drop our morals, to ignore the people, and to enable wreckless abandon in all corners of Republican public servitude


SO if you’re republican and you think the democrats are falling apart. Hit pause. Step outside your bubble – reset and open your mind… now hit play again. Trump unveiled a party fractured – and the Democrats can’t wait to fill those seats over the coming decade.


Don’t believe me? Just ask Alabama.


And that’s been me… waxing poetic.



For 2018 my resolution is not to hold back. 2017 represented a year where I didn’t push the limits, I lacked a firm stance in my beleifs (even though I didn’t go against them) and I allowed people to shake me for the first time ever… It’s time to get back to me and who I am.

I invite you to do the same.

What’s your 2018 resolutions, my contact information is in the outro, shoot me a message on social media what your goal is for the new year!


That’s been today’s bruce show…

Thank you very much to watching!


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