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The Internet of Things brings with it more privacy and security breaches than ever before

What if I told you the Ashley Madison data breach – the highly publicized leak of user account information for those engaged in extra marital affairs – is only a small fraction of Personally Identifiable Information being stolen every day. Thirty-seven (37) million accounts were obtained in the hack and made publicly available in July of 2015. And it’s not just those participating in immoral activity who are at risk. Purchase something from home depot in 2014? You were one of fifty-six (56) million whose credit card information was stolen. In February 2015, the largest healthcare provider network in...

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What really is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

It’s every device always on, always reporting data, and always communicating with each other – IoT is information freedom. Also known as the Internet of Everything, IoT is the idea of using the internet as the backbone for always on communication and interactivity. This interactivity brings more information and control between devices and those using them. For example: think of today’s smart home – owners can monitor power usage, schedule temperature levels, or ration water consumption. Tomorrows smart  home will allows your refrigerator to sense when you need items (milk) & order them on your behalf, your pipes to...

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