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Marketing: The difference between Strategy vs. Tactics vs. Tactical Planning

Marketing: The difference between Strategy vs. Tactics vs. Tactical Planning The Strategy is the “why” and “what.” The tactical plan is the “who” and “when.” The tactics are the “how” and “where.”   If you would rather watch the youtube video that describes strategy vs. tactics vs. tactical planning… THE STRATEGY Think of it like this, in a military context. In IRAQ, the strategy might be: We’re going to re-capture Mosul, Iraq back from ISIS rebels to reestablish peace to the region and to the Iraqi people because it’s part of the mission of the United States to follow...

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How to create a (Digital) Marketing Strategy in 6 Steps [w/ Infographic]. The Bruce Show: Episode 6

THE SIX STEPS IN CREATING A DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGY How to craft a digital marketing strategy in six easy to follow steps. This is part of a larger youtube video series, Episode 6 of my show, you can watch the Youtube video here (if you prefer over reading this article):     The level of this guide is definitely more in the intermediate-to-advanced range. However, anyone can really dive in and get after it if they simply follow the steps (however creating a storyline, ideas, themes, comms, messaging, etc. will be difficult).   You’ve watched my last few videos...

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How to create a business plan (the easy way). The Bruce Show: Episode 5

Welcome to The Bruce Show… we discuss everything business, marketing, and advertising. Today we tackle the easy way to create a business plan including a business plan template   Last time we talked about the 5 steps to starting your own business. Step 3 includes answering a bunch of questions to define your business.  Take a moment to watch the episode if you haven’t yet.   We’re taking that 3rd step and going over all the questions a in a bit more detail. We want to help construct a great business plan. I’ve created a custom business plan template...

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How to Start your own Business in 5 Steps [w/ infographic]. The Bruce Show: Episode 4

Welcome to The Bruce Show… the show where all your marketing, advertising, and business needs have never know joy as much as they do when you watch… this show! Today we’re talking about: 5 Steps to starting your own business: INFOGRAPHIC:   Today is a business based episode and we’re going to talk about how to start your own business… HTSYOB STEP 1: Have an awesome product/service people want! What makes it awesome? First:  Your product/service is awesome because… it fulfills a consumers an unmet need or want. For example, think about Gatorade. According to Wikipedia… which is never...

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The Bruce Show. Episode 2: What is Advertising? What is the SECRET to great Advertising?

Welcome to The Bruce Show… the show where all your marketing, advertising, and business dreams come true. It is advertising Tuesday and on Tuesdays we go over how-to articles, educational pieces, and other random learning to make you a better advertiser in your wonderful life.   Show Transcript:   Here we go: Just like when we talked about what is marketing and where did it come from, Advertising has a similar, impossibly, untraceable background…   In 2009’s Art and Copy…   Advertising is poison gas! Advertising should cheer you up, should choke yah, you should get the chills, and...

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