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The 10 Democratic Candidates who should hang it up after last night’s Democratic Debate

The first 2020 US presidential debates are officially over. Last night’s debate (and the night before) had 20 candidates answering question in a cock fighting arena moderated poorly by @nbcnews anchors. Some candidates performed better than others, and some really, really stunk it up.   After listening through the four hours here are… Ten Democrats for President who should call it quits after the first debate.   Julian Castro Most pundits feel Julian Castro had a break out performance. I’m not one of those people, nor am I a pundit. I found Castro annoying in a little brother kind...

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California Mudslides, Robot Trip to Mars, and Joe Arpaio for Senate

SHOW INTRO: Today we’ll discuss Horrible mudslides in California A robot building dwellings for humans on mars And Arizona’s pardoned criminal sherriff joe arpaio wants to take senator Jeff Flake’s seat.   Here we go!   <intro> Today is WEdnesday, January 10th   First, on the docit – The southern California mudslides. This morning, the hills of southern California slide away after heavy rains broke up the top soil causing massive mudslides. <video> This is the same area effected by the massive wildfires last year. Imagine waking up in your normal routine when a 6 foot high wall breaks through your home, this is a real instance some folks had to deal with this morning in California In a lamen’s explanation of mudslides, mudslides occur when too much rain mixes with the top layer of earth and while on an angle, begins to shift. This shift gathers momentum down a slope, building in strength as it melds with more earth in similar conditions. Unfortunately, flat land or valleys are how mudslides come to a conclusion. At this time, 15 are believed to be lost, with roughly two dozen still unaccounted for. SRC: Gerrymandering is back in the hot seat… and it has a familiar battlegrounds – the state of north Carolina Real quick primer on what it means to gerrymander When you vote in a public election, your...

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Can the Republican Party be saved? The fractured state of Republicans

SHOW INTRO: Today we’ll discuss My 2018 new year’s resolution A lightning round listing the winners from the golden globes And the secret, dirty activities going on when no one is taking a 360 degree view of the Trump administrations activities…   Happy New Year, the show starts now…   <intro> Today is Monday, January 8th   It’s 2018, I’m back from a long break, I can’t believe what has been going on during this few week hiatus. All the activity has led me to a new epiphany that I’d like to share But first, before I do, let’s talk about a few important issues   First, President Trump and Interior secretary Zinke snuck one by us this holiday season. As we’re looking left and discussing Russia, the cold winter back east, and our President and Steve Bannon’s broken bromance… As we looked left, On the right… Zinke and the Department of interior were scheming to roll back a plan that protects artic waters from fossil fuel development. You see, ever 5 years the department of interior releases a plan or a map of where companies can lease areas claimed by the united states for private development. The Obama administration finished their plan, or map of the areas up for lease that took affect starting January 2017. This new plan continued protections of the past by not allowing leases...

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Top 10 passwords of 2017, North Korea hack, and President Trumps approval rating – Episode 13 – The Bruce Show

SHOW INTRO: Today we’ll discuss North Korea stands accused The Top 10 passwords used in 2017 And President Trumps approval rating is…   Don’t go anywhere, we begin in only a few seconds…   <intro> Today is Wednesday, Dec 20th Welcome to the Bruce show, it’s Wednesday, hump day, and here’s the news you should know about…   On Scotland’s remote isle of Skye, scientists have discovered rare meteoric minerals* Geologists from Birkbeck university of london discovered the minerals at the site of a prehistoric meteor strike on Scotland’s remote Isle of Skye. The researchers were examining the base of a 60-million-year-old lava flow when they discovered the osbornite. Thankfully the lava had not yet reached the site and was discovered in a swampy area where the team was up to their thighs in mud. The mineral is called osbornite – it was discovered decades ago when nasa brought back some dust from the moon. A second site was discovered roughly 4 miles away with the same mineral composition. If mineral that make up meteors interest you, the The scientists’ findings have been published in the journal GeoScienceWorld… the link is in the source below. When I first brought up the possibilities of the FCC retracting net neutrality rules months ago, I mentioned the other way to skin this particular cat was for legislators in congress to...

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Cell Phones kill your sperm, eminem’s revival release, and Star Wars the Last Jedi Did you Know – Episode 12 – The Bruce show

SHOW INTRO: We’re talking Eminem’s new album revival Star Wars the last Jedi And using your cell phone may be killing your sperm!   All that and more on today’s bruce show…   <intro> Today is December 18th Welcome to the Bruce show, I hope you all had a great weekend, here’s what happened during those few days off that I think you should know about…   Google’s AI found an overlooked exoplanet, and now our Solar System is tied for biggest – NASA has teamed up with Google to utilize the power of machine learning to search for new planets And the partnership is producing some amazing results. When scientists search for stars so insanely far away, they look or breaks in light patterns… <vid> For example, when a planet comes between it’s sun and earth, the light it emissions from the sun dip down momentarily, then come back up. It’s an indication to look more closely in that direction. And Google’s AI has discovered another planet in a nearby solar system as a result of searching through data trying to discover these patterns. The planet discovered has been confirmed as the eighth in Kepler 90 – which now has the same number of planets as our solar system. The machine learning inclusion into the planetary discovery process will make finding new planets, much quicker and the astronomers...

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