As marketers managing social media accounts for our clients, at times the lines can get blurred on what we should post and what we should let go of.

When you look at your integrated marketing plans, the messaging, or other advertising shenanigans….


I have 3 simple rules to ask yourself before you finalize or post anything on any social media platform:


1. Is your messaging Authentic?

This is probably the hardest rule to follow on the checklist. What does an authentic message look like? How does a voice of a brand come across as authentic or not? Each account, initiative, project, program, or brand should have a centralized purpose, theme, or message. If you’re coke, your purpose is to promote happiness, Intel promotes the power of using it’s processors, Kanye West promotes a particular lifestyle, etc. As a social media manager for Coca Cola, you wouldn’t post about how congress can’t figure out the budget. Instead  you might focus on the latest powerade commercials during the olympics (powerade being a sister brand of Coke). Authentic messaging are posts that stay within the spectrum of relevancy for a particular account.


2. Is your messaging Respectful?

I always have a moment of cringe when a company or personality hops on the latest news scoop to post their opinions. Why? Because most of the time someone becomes offended and the damage one post can have to a brand can be irreparable (see Kenneth Cole trying to be funny regarding the Egyptian revolution).

So before we hit send… Ask, is this post respectful to everyone and everything?

We’re not perfect, there will be mistakes, but always try to mitigate them.


3. Is your messaging Professional

This should be the easiest one… but you’d be surprise (See Chrysler dropping the f-bomb). Look, there is a spirit of juvenile tendencies on social media. I argue that to be effective on social media platforms you have to “interrupt playtime.”, but the last rule to checkoff should always be if the post is professional. You can be fun and playful, but never cross the line of professionalism.



Follow these three rules and your posts should always be showtime ready.

– Enjoy