Month: December 2017

Top 10 passwords of 2017, North Korea hack, and President Trumps approval rating – Episode 13 – The Bruce Show

SHOW INTRO: Today we’ll discuss North Korea stands accused The Top 10 passwords used in 2017 And President Trumps approval rating is…   Don’t go anywhere, we begin in only a few seconds…   <intro> Today is Wednesday, Dec 20th Welcome to the Bruce show, it’s Wednesday, hump day, and here’s the news you should know about…   On Scotland’s remote isle of Skye, scientists have discovered rare meteoric minerals* Geologists from Birkbeck university of london discovered the minerals at the site of a prehistoric meteor strike on Scotland’s remote Isle of Skye. The researchers were examining the base of a 60-million-year-old lava flow when they discovered the osbornite. Thankfully the lava had not yet reached the site and was discovered in a swampy area where the team was up to their thighs in mud. The mineral is called osbornite – it was discovered decades ago when nasa brought back some dust from the moon. A second site was discovered roughly 4 miles away with the same mineral composition. If mineral that make up meteors interest you, the The scientists’ findings have been published in the journal GeoScienceWorld… the link is in the source below. When I first brought up the possibilities of the FCC retracting net neutrality rules months ago, I mentioned the other way to skin this particular cat was for legislators in congress to...

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Cell Phones kill your sperm, eminem’s revival release, and Star Wars the Last Jedi Did you Know – Episode 12 – The Bruce show

SHOW INTRO: We’re talking Eminem’s new album revival Star Wars the last Jedi And using your cell phone may be killing your sperm!   All that and more on today’s bruce show…   <intro> Today is December 18th Welcome to the Bruce show, I hope you all had a great weekend, here’s what happened during those few days off that I think you should know about…   Google’s AI found an overlooked exoplanet, and now our Solar System is tied for biggest – NASA has teamed up with Google to utilize the power of machine learning to search for new planets And the partnership is producing some amazing results. When scientists search for stars so insanely far away, they look or breaks in light patterns… <vid> For example, when a planet comes between it’s sun and earth, the light it emissions from the sun dip down momentarily, then come back up. It’s an indication to look more closely in that direction. And Google’s AI has discovered another planet in a nearby solar system as a result of searching through data trying to discover these patterns. The planet discovered has been confirmed as the eighth in Kepler 90 – which now has the same number of planets as our solar system. The machine learning inclusion into the planetary discovery process will make finding new planets, much quicker and the astronomers...

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Giant Sharks, Net Neutrality, and the Apollo space missions – EPISODE 11 – The Bruce Show

SHOW INTRO: Hey everyone and welcome to the Bruce show, the show where we talk about whatever’s on my mind and I provide quirky or informative takes on topics going on in today’s world.   Today on the show we’re talking about tesla’s new semi truck, net neutrality, and Al Franken. We’ll also discuss if it’s possible for the Trump brother’s to be any bigger jerks than they already are, and the pot calls the kettle black in today’s Trump Dump. All that and more on today’s trump dump:   <intro> Painstakingly watching the session Q&A from last episode… I have always been of the opinion that President Obama would be known in the history books for two things: #1 the affordable care act, and #2 Net Neutrality. And Trump hates both! Rumor has it new vote is about to take place to reverse Net Neutrality and replace it with more conservative values. This vote would take place this December. What is Net Neutrality? In the most simplest terms – the internet was created as a free and open platform to share information. What Net Neutrality does is prevents companies from favoring one type of information over another. Without net neutrality, your internet service provider can decide to throttle back videos on CNN because it hates CNN, while giving you lightning fast access to MSNBC content… AHEM cough cough...

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The North Korean threat, American Airlines, and the Trump Landfill – Episode 10 – The Bruce Show

The North Korean threat, American Airlines, and the Trump Landfill Today on the show we’re talking American Airline, what I did over thanksgiving, and the ongoing sexual harassment allegations. And we left president trump alone over the thanksgiving holiday, boy was that a mistake…     Cathay pacific – an airline based out of hong kong, Reported that last Wednesday they saw a North Korean ICBM re-enter the earths atmostphere during one of their flights. This did coincide with a state report out of north korea that a hwasong-15 missile was being tested. The Hwasong-15 is believed to give North Korea the ability to hit a target anywhere in the world (according to US defense minister james mattis) Cathay Pacific did not release video or imagery of the incident and stated that the missile was far enough away to continue normal flight operations. Nonetheless, CP reported it to Japan’s air traffic control Apparently the new icbm took western partners by surprise. Over the past 40 years, north korea has tested many icbms, before the hwasong 15, the US west coast was as far as we believed their technical weapons capability existed. Now it seems NK could hit anywhere it pleases. Src: src: Right after Thanksgiving, it was reported that American Airlines had a computer glitch The glitch made the booking system allow for more flights than they...

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