Month: November 2017

Top Holiday Videos, Manson, Jeff Flake, and Keystone XL pipeline – Episode 9 – The Bruce Show

Bitcoin is soaring and if you don’t know what it is, maybe now is the time to check it out. Bitcoin is a type of virtual currency – which is a type of currency not regulated or under the direct control of any government entity. It was created by an anonymous group, or figure that goes by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin is the name for two things: the currency and the network and protocol that facilitates bitcoin transactions. A penny represents one-hundredth of a US dollar. In bitcoin, the penny equivaent is called a satoshi and represents one-hundred-millionth of a bitcoin. Bitcoin is powered by blockchain (a decentralized database storage technology created by the same figure satoshit nakamoto) Bitcoin is stored in a digital wallet and there will never be more than 21 million bitcoin in circulation Two weeks ago people were freaking out because the price of one bitcoin hit $6000 dollars. Bitcoin started the year around $800, and To start this week, it just eclipsed $8k While some investors believe this is just a bubble, it may be the time to start taking bitcoin seriously. Src: Keystone xl pipeline just had a leak, and Nebraska doesn’t care On Thursday a leak was detected in the keystone xl pipeline. That leak spilled over 200k gallons of crude oil into the environment. There was also another...

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Horrible Male Role Models, Net Neutrality, and the Trump Dump – Episode 8 of The Bruce Show

SHOW INTRO: Hey everyone and welcome to the Bruce show, the show where we talk about whatever’s on my mind and I provide quirky or informative takes on topics going on in today’s world.   Today on the show we’re talking about tesla’s new semi truck, net neutrality, and Al Franken. We’ll also discuss if it’s possible for the Trump brother’s to be any bigger jerks than they already are, and the pot calls the kettle black in today’s Trump Dump. All that and more on today’s trump dump:   <intro> Painstakingly watching the session Q&A from last episode…...

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Crazy Sharks, Russia, Jeff Sessions, and the Trump Dump. The Bruce Show, Episode 7.

On Twitter, Volvo announced its pulling its advertising from Fox’s Hannity show due to Sean Hannity’s coverage (air quotes) of Roy Moore. If you’ve been under a rock this week, Moore is running for office in Alabama where he’s been accused of sexually assaulting a 14 year old when he was 32. The comes after Keurig announced it was removing their ads from running on Sean Hannity as well. Conservative viewers began trashing their Keurig machines at Hannity’s direction, begging the question – will hannity’s viewers now take sledge hammers to their volvos??? In related news liberals applaud their conservative friends for inadvertently helping to save the environment by destroying their Keurigs Src: Weird stuff is showing up in our oceans, two headed sharks, snake headed sharks, just a lot of crazy sharks… I blame global warming! Speaking of global warming – over 150k scientist came together to co-sign an article warning humans that human caused climate change may mean all fish in the sea will soon be two headed monster sharks. All kidding aside, the article warns that we’re running out of time to write the wrong we’re doing to the earth and we’re on our way toward the 6th extinction event. If 99% of the scientists, Al Gore, or new delhi’s smog weren’t enough to get people to change their ways, I sure hope over 150k...

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