Month: October 2016

Marketing Insights: #2

Marketing Insights: #2 Simple Presentation Tips: Tip #1 – A successful presentation engages the audience emotionally as well as rationally src: The Perfect Pitch found here on Amazon   Moving an audience emotionally means invoking an emotion described on Robert Plutchik’s emotions wheel.Plutchik theorized there are eight basic emotions that spawn into other amalgamations of emotions based on level of strength being felt. Making your audience invest emotionally also allows them to invest in the subject matter.   Moving an audience rationally is fairly straight forward. Does your topic resonate and connect with the audience? Are the points kept simple to understand… Do they make...

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Why I uninstalled GoDaddy’s New Flare Application; The Flare Review.

First, what is GoDaddy’s Flare? Flare is an attempt by GoDaddy to socialize great ideas. Some have called flare the Tinder for idea generation. The gist is, one goes on Flare to: A) peruse or interact w/ other people’s ideas for a product or service, or B) submit your own idea, and others bang on it   These ideas could be anything!  A new product to filter water easier, a new website to bring homeless folks into the system… the sky is the limit – anyone can put any idea on Flare. The app store description of Flare:  ...

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Interbrand’s Top Global Brands of 2016

2016 Top Global Brands according to Interbrand Not much has changed at the top… every year Interbrand uses a custom algorithm to calculate brand value and here are the top 5 global brands: Apple Google Coca-Cola Microsoft Toyota More can be found in Interbrand’s interactive page (which includes their change in value over last year).   Interbrand also tracks the growth in brand value…   Here are the top 5 brands in terms of their rate of growth in value: Facebook Amazon Lego Nissan Adobe View the entire list and more reports on the Interbrand website.   What does...

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