Month: September 2016

3 Rules to follow before posting on Social Media

As marketers managing social media accounts for our clients, at times the lines can get blurred on what we should post and what we should let go of. When you look at your integrated marketing plans, the messaging, or other advertising shenanigans….   I have 3 simple rules to ask yourself before you finalize or post anything on any social media platform:   1. Is your messaging Authentic? This is probably the hardest rule to follow on the checklist. What does an authentic message look like? How does a voice of a brand come across as authentic or not?...

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Top 5 ads of the 2016 Rio Olympics

Advertisers stepped their game up in the Rio 2016 summer Olympics providing ads that really spoke to the Olympic spirit and the fire deep down inside each of us.   Here is a list of the TOP 5 2016 Rio summer Olympics advertisements: From 5 to 1 #5. Samsung’s “The Chant”     #4. Always “Keep Playing”     #3. Gatorade: “Never lose the love”     #2. P&G: “Thank you mom”     #1. Nike: “Unlimited” This unlimited spot pushes beyond just do it and into the unlimited capabilities within ourselves. It continues by diving into stories on...

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Music: The Ultimate Brain Booster

Did you know music has the ability to make us perform better? We all understand that music is a part of each of our lives in different ways. It can represent an important memory or trigger an emotion deep down inside. Music is so important that you should listen to it before leading an important meeting, going on a job interview, or entering into a significant event/moment in your life. For these moments you should present yourself with confidence, speak in a clear manner, and aim to impress. Listening to music right before such moments can provide you with...

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