The first 2020 US presidential debates are officially over. Last night’s debate (and the night before) had 20 candidates answering question in a cock fighting arena moderated poorly by @nbcnews anchors. Some candidates performed better than others, and some really, really stunk it up.

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After listening through the four hours here are…

Ten Democrats for President who should call it quits after the first debate.


  1. julian castro - democrat for president who should quit

    Julian Castro

Most pundits feel Julian Castro had a break out performance. I’m not one of those people, nor am I a pundit. I found Castro annoying in a little brother kind of way. Someone who nipped and picked at other people’s responses to speak, yet couldn’t stand well on fresh, net new concepts he might bring to the table. He didn’t resonate well with me and wouldn’t be someone I’d vote for, he feels like more of the same, with a smart ass mouth trying to keep up with his older brother(s) on the stage. This will probably be the most disputed of my 11 Democrats, but he’s definitely not someone I think could beat Trump in 2020 and is wasting his time moving forward.


  1. marianne williamson democratic debate

    Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson is that hippy, yet educated crazy Aunt who likes to sip wine and talk about the country. Is she a good person? Probably. Would she make a good President? Questionable. She seemed more focused on talking about Trump and the idea of how to beat him than actual plans that differentiate herself from Trump. I think we all agree that if the Democrats focus too much on Trump, no way they beat him in 2020. So for her to constantly invoke his name, on top of her final message that “love” is the key to defeat his “fear” in 2020, really closed the door on her for me.


  1. bill de blasio democratic candidate for president

    Bill de Blasio

Bill feels like this campaigns Howard Dean. You start to feel like he’s got a point, maybe this guy’s on to something, then he interrupts someone with a “hheeeeeyaaaaaaaaaah.” He just came off as angry at times with what called “…surprisingly confrontational energy.” I couldn’t agree more. He also reminded me of a streaker during a soccer game. Everyone in the crowd is focused on the game, but then he comes out of left field, super loud, aggressive, and flinging his dingy all over the place. Mr. Mayor, I think it’s time to hang it up… heeeeyaaaaaah!


  1. amy klobuchar

    Amy Klobuchar

This one is a real bummer for me. I was excited at the beginning of the season when she announced. Then there was the negative press about how her teams immediately around her have bailed on her because she’s hard to work with and it seems like she’s been in defense mode ever since. Even with crazy de Blasio I could tell you something he said that made an impact in the debate (he touted $15 minimum wage, universal pre-k, and more), I don’t remember a single thing Klobuchar said. She didn’t stand out at all, nor has she made any waves above her competitors. She’s the Mike Pence of this field and it’s time to be done (unfortunately).


  1. kirsten gillibrand

    Kirsten Gillibrand

In a field of really strong women, Gillibrand is the weakest. In the first quarter of her debate, Kamala Harris put a smack down on the bickering between candidates (mostly led by Gillibrand). She is the second night’s Julian Castro, looking to make points by interrupting and causing havoc. Quickly earning a characterization of a nuisance in the debate. It’s really too bad also, if she would have taken the Buttigieg approach instead, she made some really poignant statements about greed in the first half, and corruption/campaign finance reform in the second. Her approach was just wrong, and she’s leaving that stage worse than when she entered.


  1. John Hickenlooper

    John Hickenlooper

Hickenlooper is someone I really didn’t know before this debate. So in the little time he did speak, I would have walked away from just the debate stage and though he didn’t hurt his campaign, and he didn’t help it. He was one of the candidates in the middle. Then I started to read some of the debate coverage and noticed a lot of it focused on fact checking John’s claims. The Denver Post really took a deep dive on Hickenlooper’s claims. The bottom line? Hickenlooper is kind of a dick. In the debate he took credit for a lot of achievements he had little or nothing to do with and even opposed! Sorry John, time’s up.


  1. tim ryan a democratic candidate who should quit

    Tim Ryan

Let me just ask one question… Does Tim Ryan look, act, and speak presidential to you? He’s definitely the guy in the frat who was the least popular, but could claim he was in a frat. And he made a huge speaking mistake that Gabbard ripped him apart on, talking about the Taliban being responsible for 9-11. He (and many other candidates) were right that the Democratic Party is not aligned and speaking for the working class, but beyond this talking point, his campaign fell apart while Gabbard’s was boosted thanks to the ol’ foot-in-mouth situation. Good Bye.


  1. michael bennet should quit

    Michael Bennet

I don’t think Bennet did anything wrong per se, he just struck me as the Eeyore of the bunch. The Denver Post (Bennet is a Senator from Colorado) mentioned how Bennet walked away from the debate better than Hickenlooper, which isn’t really saying much. Conservatives pounced on Bennet afterward for saying Russia was the biggest geo-political threat. Overall, he’s just kind of a dud whose 1% of the polls will turn into .01% as time goes on. Time to hang it up.


  1. andrew yang

    Andrew Yang

Yang is an ex-attorney, entrepreneur who founded Venture for America. His platform for President is based on a pipe dream that every American deserves $12k/yr just for being alive. Don’t ask him how he’ll pay for it though… he slips a bit there. I think Yang is a smart guy, who doubled down on this idea that a rising tide lifts all boats. He believes this $1000 check per month will help with poverty, healthcare and a plethora of other issues. He actually did well in the debate and presented himself very well. His ideas for America are the problem and it’s time to close it up and stop wasting everyone’s time.


  1. eric-swalwell

    Eric Swalwell

This guy is a douche bag.

‘Nuff said – take a hike

Half of the Democratic Candidates should bow out now…

And there you have it, the half of the Democratic field who should call it quits after the first debate. After the first silliness of interviewing these folks… I’m definitely not watching a debate moving forward with anything more than 8 candidates. Not only is 20 too much, even 10 is crazy… Eight is probably the max, and they shouldnt’ really do this again until they’re down to 5 or less.


What are your thoughts? who do you think should call it quits?